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My digital picture frame

added: April 26, 2010

My digital picture frame Back in 2006, my trusty old Travelmate decided to give up the fight: apparently it had taken enough abuse being dragged around with me everywhere I went. Instead of throwing it away, or taking it apart to salvage some of it's pieces, I decided to create a digital picture frame out of it.

There were already a few similar projects out there, and digital picture frames where already available in the shops at that time. However, they were quite expensive (and imho, they still are, given the specs most of them have), but they were certainly not the size of a laptop screen, let alone the same resolution!

In the end I ended up creating the picture frame, and creating a small dedicated website describing the process I went through, hoping it might be useful to anybody who would like to follow my footsteps.

Normally I don't do hardware projects (I'm a software developer), but I'm proud to say that even though it's 2010 (four years later!), the laptop-slash-picture-frame is still up and running, and I still use it a lot.

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