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Har Nevo by The Black Heart Rebellion

posted: May 20, 2013

Cover of Har Nevo by The Black Heart Rebellion A few months ago I first heard a song by The Black Heart Rebellion, called Animalesque, and I started browsing YouTube to find out more about this band and possibly learn about other songs. It was there that I discovered their new album "Har Nevo", and I've been wanting to buy it ever since.

It's been a week now since this album was delivered at my doorstep, and it still hasn't left my CD player let alone my mind. Over the past years I've bought many CDs, but it has been a long time since I've discovered an album this good.

Most people like to label or tag their music, defining songs and artists by genre. If you were to do so, I guess you could label this album as hardcore or post-rock (as it is labeled by DiscoGS), but I'd rather define it as brilliant, haunting and compelling.

The atmosphere of "Har Nevo" is truly mesmerizing - when listening to "The Woods I Run From" for instance, it doesn't take much to feel yourself actually running from a dark strange forest towards an unknown destination, no matter what, as long as it is away from the place you're in now.

Each song in itself conjures up images in your mind like "The Woods I Run From", but the combination of these eight songs and the way they follow each other on the album make this a true masterpiece, and I'm really glad I've discovered this album. It's been a very long time since I've found an album that I actually wanted to buy, own, and treasure.

After the last song, "Into The Land Of Another", fades out, there really isn't anything you can do but hit the repeat button - apart from telling others about this album, because if there is one thing both "The Black Heart Rebellion" and "Har Nevo" deserve, it's being heard by the world.

So if you're ready to listen to something special, something dark, ominous, yet in a way recognizable and strangely comforting, I really suggest you give "Har Nevo" a listen. You will not be disappointed.

And in case I aroused your curiosity, I've added the tracklist to my collection before I wrote this article. Enjoy listening once you've discovered it - I know I have...

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