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Project Underground by Psxmod

posted: August 24, 2012

Project Underground cover One day while browsing through the music section of Spotnet, I noticed a post called Project Underground made by a user called Psxmod. After downloading the spot it turned out to be a set by a DJ who goes by the same name.

After listening to this particular set for a few minutes, I immediately returned to Spotnet to look for the other volumes of this series (as Psxmod has already released 12 of these mixes). By now I've downloaded them all, and even though I'm only halfway through them, I can highly recommend these to anyone looking for good techno mixes.

If you're interested to know what's in these mixes, I've added them to my music collection and here are all the tracklists:

Project Underground 1 (Techno)
Project Underground 2 (Techno)
Project Underground 3 (Techno)
Project Underground 4 (Techno)
Project Underground 5 (Industrial, Dark Techno)
Project Underground 6 (Darktech, Minimal, Industrial)
Project Underground 7 (Dark Techno, Industrial)
Project Underground 8 (Dark Techno)
Project Underground 9 (Dark Techno)
Project Underground 10 - Planetary Depths (Detroit Techno)
Project Underground 10 - SuBMission (Dark Techno)
Project Underground 11 - Industrial Collision (Dark Techno)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the tracklist of Project Underground 4 - the tracklist that was posted together with the mix on Spotnet wasn't correct, and a quick Google didn't yield any results closer to the correct list. Should anyone have the list, I would be very grateful to receive it, so please contact me if you have it or know where to find it.

Still, tracklist or not, these are some great mixes by Psxmod. Please keep up the good work, I will be on the lookout for any following mixes!

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